MS Surface Pro X Accessories

Your accomplishment of task reaches a pro level with Pro X Add-ons

Check out the most preferred Surface Pro-X Accessories.

Best-in-class typing and hovering experience with most updated desktop add-ons, excellent audio and visual experience with Headphones and Camera, Great reliability with Power hubs, USB-C and other ports with which Surface Pro X accessories become the best choice in all.

Surface Slim Pen –LLM-00001

Sketch, shade, write and all this with a day-long battery life with great sensitivity. 

Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub –SWV-00001

Multi-port adapter gives the most number of ways to connect with other networks and displays.

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter –UTH-00001

Project your PC on big screen to present your work or media with reliable connection.

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard –21Y-00001

Slim and elegant design optimized for greater productivity and shorts cut tools.

Microsoft Precision Mouse –FTW-00001

Unmatchable accuracy and control, peak comfort in hovering and lets you flow flawlessly.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset –8JS-00001

Comfortable calling and matchless audio experience with connectivity with all Surface systems.

Maroo Black Leather Sleeve for Surface

Adds on a premium look with marbled leather for elegant and rich look.

Surface Pro X keyboard –QJX-00001

Sleek and end-to-end customized design with comfortable writing experience anywhere.

Surface Earbuds –3BW-00001 

Multi-port adapter gives the most number of ways to connect with other networks and displays.

PanzerGlass Screen Protector for surface pro X

Protect your Surface System from scratches and shock with full-screen tempered glass.

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop –QHG-00001

Modern design, precise navigation and fast tracking sensor for keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse –222-00017

Comfortable, light, modern design with soft-thumb rest made for a long-day performance.

Microsoft Modern USB Headset –8JN-00001

Comfortable calling and matchless audio experience with connectivity with all Surface systems.

Surface Pro X signature keyboard with Slim pen bundle –26B-00021

Fast and accurate typing with excellent design and large keyboard for boundless surfing.

Surface Headphones 2 –QST-00001

Enhance calls with Omni-sonic sound, up to 20 hours of battery life.

Surface Pen Tip –NWG-00001

Choose the correct tip for your flawless writing, either as pencil or fine point pen.


Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop –QHG-00001

Comfort oriented design for reducing fatigue with split keyboard and cushion mouse.

Surface USB-C to 3.5 mm Audio Adapter –LKZ-00001

Connect wired earbuds or headphones to Surface with USB-C to 3.5mm adapter to listen to music, and calls.

Surface Dock 2 –1GK-00001

Brings in more power to convert your all kinds of Surface to desktop PC with 199W supply to charge.

Surface Arc Mouse –FHD-00072

Negligible weight and slim design lets you move across the screen smoothly and fits completely in your hands.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Camo special Edition –8KX-00001

New Camo design of mouse brings your desktop scrolling more special.

Microsoft Number Pad –23O-00016

Calculate faster and work with numbers at more ease with Slim Number pad.

PanzerGlass privacy screen for surface pro X

Tempered Glass privacy screen for protection against blue light reduction with full touch preservation.

Microsoft Modern Webcam –8L3-00001

Present yourself the best with virtual-cum-reality meetings with Microsoft Webcam.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker –8M8-00001

High quality audio at your workspace anytime and take up great quality of calls and music.

Microsoft Modern Mobile mouse –KTF -00056 

Smooth scrolling, lightweight and easily carriable with portable design to hover.

Surface Mobile Mouse –KGY-00011 

Portable with all surface systems, customized to fit in your hands naturally.

Surface USB-C to USB Adapter

compatibility while connecting with any external hardware easily with USB adapter.

Incipio Incase Slim Sleeve (Heather Navy) –

Incipio Incase made for your overall protection from bumps and scratches and all that with a style.

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse –NGX-00001

Made for Gaming mouse with boosted performance, speed, responsiveness and precision in selection.

2021 Pride Skin for Surface Pro

Specifically designed for communities like LGBTQI + people who are overlooked and neglected for oneness.

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