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KPaul is engaged in numerous valuable partnerships and possesses certifications with today’s top innovative companies, giving us access to all the latest tools and products on the market. Collaboration is key!


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We know that KPaul’s growth and success is something we didn’t achieve all on our own. Our partnerships with today’s top companies allow us to supply our customers with cutting-edge products at competitive prices. We are always on the lookout for the next great company to engage in partnership with the goal of shared successes!

By partnering with KPaul, your company will instantly have access to more than 100,000 KPaul customers, ranging from small companies to national corporations in various market segments including industrial, manufacturing, government, commercial, and contractor markets. Our numerous government contracts open a new and profitable market segment full of customers who will now be exposed to your brand. Your company will also benefit from having your products and brands promoted in KPaul marketing vehicles such as our sales force, catalogs, and website. Click on the links below to view our supplier sheets and learn more about the benefits of partnering with KPaul.

KPaul Industrial Supply [Download PDF]

KPaul Medical Supply [Download PDF]

To be considered for a partnership with KPaul, the first step is to complete the contact form below. If there is a sourcing opportunity for your industry specific business, one of our company representatives will contact you. Thank you for your interest in partnering with KPaul.

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