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KPaul Properties LLC is a VA Certified SDVOSB and multiple contract holder providing federal agencies with all the supplies, tools, and innovative solutions they need in order to accomplish their mission objectives.



Federal Contracts

KPaul offers products and services on SEWP V, multiple GSA Advantage schedules, and numerous independent contracts.

Veteran Advocacy

Learn how you can help protect Veteran-Owned businesses against the GSA’s harmful FSSI aqcuisition strategy.


KPaul is engaged in numerous partnerships with today’s top innovators and producers, giving us access to the latest tools and products on the market.

Green Initiatives

We understand that in today’s world we must use environmental-friendly business initiatives.

Technology Centric. Customer Focused.

At KPaul, we take our motto seriously. Our internal focus on technology has allowed us to develop an extremely fast procurement process and empowers our team to better and more quickly service our customers. We provide our customers with cutting-edge products, friendly service, and affordable prices. Every division contains a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team who works with customers to ensure all of their needs are being met. Whether its office or industrial supplies, medical equipment, or IT solutions, KPaul is the right choice for all of your business needs.

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