Green Initiatives

KPaul understands the impact we all have on our planet, and we are committed to taking and encouraging environmentally responsible business initiatives. 

Energy Efficient Products

To help keep our business and yours green, we offer Energy Star Efficient products.

Toner Rewards Program

Recycle and save money! A win for you, for us, and for the earth!


Green Commitment

KPaul is internally committed to recycling and promoting other environmentally-friendly practices.

Toner Rewards Program

In a further effort to help encourage environmentally responsible business practices, KPaul has created the KPaul Toner Rewards Program – an easy way to eliminate toner cartridge waste and reduce our customer’s overall toner cost at the same time! Those enrolled in the program can return their used toner cartridges to us and in return earn points to use on KPaul purchases of $100 or more!

What do we do with all of those toners?

  • Cartridges are received and inspected for damage and overall condition.
  • Points are credited to your account.
  • Cartridges suitable for remanufacture are disassembled. Cartridges that are too broken or too worn for remanufacture are recycled.
  • Damaged and worn parts are replaced by new components.
  • Cartridges are reassembled and filled with new ink or toner.
  • Cartridges are tested and then sealed in new packaging.
  • Cartridge waste is reduced and our business are greener!


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