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Supplement yourself with sleek, elegant and most advanced accessories giving you the best productivity.

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Check out the most preferred Surface Pro Accessories.

Enjoy your work at enhanced productivity with accessories which are specially designed keeping in mind; your comfort of Audio, Visuals, Typing, reliability, portability and connectivity. Explore a range of Surface Pro products to assist your system.  

Surface Pen –EYV-00009

Sketch, shade, write and all this with a day-long battery life and faster performance.

Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub –SWV-00001

Multi-port adapter gives the most number of ways to connect with other networks and displays.

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter –UTH-00001

Project your PC on big screen to present your work or media with reliable connection.

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard –21Y-00001

Slim and elegant design optimized for greater productivity and shorts cut tools.

Microsoft Arc Mouse –ELG-00001

Unmatchable accuracy and control, peak comfort in hovering and lets you flow flawlessly.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset –8JS-00001

Comfortable calling and matchless audio experience with connectivity with all Surface systems.

Maroo Black Leather Sleeve for Surface –

Adds on a premium look with marbled leather for elegant and rich look.

Microsoft Surface 127W Power supply

Made for the provision of unhindered power supply to your MS Surface System for greater efficiency.

Surface Pro Type cover –FMN-00001

Sleek and end-to-end customized design with comfortable writing experience anywhere.

Surface Earbuds –3BW-00001 

Multi-port adapter gives the most number of ways to connect with other networks and displays.

PanzerGlass Screen Protector for surface pro 

Protect your Surface System from scratches and shock with full-screen tempered glass.

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop –QHG-00001

Modern design, precise navigation and fast tracking sensor for keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse –222-00017

Comfortable, light, modern design with soft-thumb rest made for a long-day performance.

Microsoft Modern USB Headset –8JN-00001

Comfortable calling and matchless audio experience with connectivity with all Surface systems.

UAG Surface Pro Case (Black) –UAG-SFPRO4-BLK-VP

This tough case meets military drop test standards and includes a built-in kickstand for your Surface Pro

Surface USB-C to HDMI Adapter –US7-00001

Connect your Surface to a HDMI compatible display to share Media on big screen.

Surface Pro signature type cover –FFQ-00101

Fast and accurate typing with excellent design and large keyboard for boundless surfing.

Surface Headphones 2 –QST-00001

Enhance calls with Omni-sonic sound, up to 20 hours of battery life.

Surface Pen Tip –NWG-00001

Choose the correct tip for your flawless writing, either as pencil or fine point pen.


Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop –QHG-00001

Comfort oriented design for reducing fatigue with split keyboard and cushion mouse.

Surface USB-C to 3.5 mm Audio Adapter –LKZ-00001

Connect wired earbuds or headphones to Surface with USB-C to 3.5mm adapter to listen to music, and calls.

Surface Dock 2 –1GK-00001

Brings in more power to convert your all kinds of Surface to desktop PC with 199W supply to charge.

FREITAG F460 Sleeve for Surface Pro –

This robust device sleeve is built from recycled truck tarp to keep a lightweight profile while protecting your Surface Pro.

Surface USB-C to Ethernet and USB Adapter –JWM-00001

To boost Data transfer Surface up to 1 GBPs, connect USB-C port to Ethernet or USB adapter.

Surface Arc Mouse –FHD-00072

Negligible weight and slim design lets you move across the screen smoothly and fits completely in your hands.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Camo special Edition –8KX-00001

New Camo design of mouse brings your desktop scrolling more special.

Microsoft Number Pad –23O-00016

Calculate faster and work with numbers at more ease with Slim Number pad.

PanzerGlass privacy screen for surface pro –

Tempered Glass privacy screen for protection against blue light reduction with full touch preservation.

Microsoft Modern Webcam –8L3-00001

Present yourself the best with virtual-cum-reality meetings with Microsoft Webcam.

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker –8M8-00001

High quality audio at your workspace anytime and take up great quality of calls and music.

Kensington Lock Module for the SD7000 & SD6000 Surface Pro Docking Stations –K63251M

Protect both your Surface and docking station from potential theft with this tough-as-nails security system.


Kensington Universal AC Lock & Charge Station for Surface –K62880NA

Robust charging station engineered to meet the demand of Students, professional.

Microsoft Modern Mobile mouse –KTF -00056 

Smooth scrolling, lightweight and easily carriable with portable design to hover.

Surface Mobile Mouse –KGY-00011 

Portable with all surface systems, customized to fit in your hands naturally.

Surface USB-C to USB Adapter

compatibility while connecting with any external hardware easily with USB adapter.

Incipio Incase Slim Sleeve (Heather Navy) –

Incipio Incase made for your overall protection from bumps and scratches and all that with a style.


Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID -FMM-00015

Made for giving boosted performance, speed, responsiveness and precision in selection with fingerprint security.

2021 Pride Skin for Surface Pro

Specifically designed for communities like LGBTQI + people who are overlooked and neglected for oneness.

Kensington FP123 Privacy Screen for Surface Pro -K64489WW

Privacy Screen installed on your system reduces Blue light emission and protects you from spy.

Surface USB-C to VGA Adapter –HFT-00001

VGA Adapter lets you share all kind of media; photos, videos and presentation in the most compatible ways

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