We provide you with all kind of HVAC products i.e. Thermostats, Heating, cooling & Refrigeration controls etc. so you have easiness to Temperature control at your space.


White Rodgers Thermostat

Highly rated Thermostats for instant temperature regulations at all your place with easy installation. Best capacity devices with least electricity needs, speedy sensing ability, Sensors equipped for rapid temperature change, frequent switching with self-regulating mechanisms; so in all, it handles all your temperature demands. 


Cooling Control

Engineering excellence to deliver best cooling solutions at homes, industrial areas, stores, restaurants and Commercial buildings ensuring utmost comfort, unmatched system protection and reliability, unhindered heat transfer for regulating cooling control and all this with peak efficiency.

Specialty Equipments

All kinds of Humidifiers, Air cleaners, Fan motors, PC Board control, DPDT Relays, Ionizing wires, Valves, Indicator light equipment and other electronics needs are fulfilled here. All specialty products are developed with total safety and efficiency of energy. 


White Rodgers Humidifier

Maintain your home’s optimum humidity, thus maintains your body’s comfort and health. Durable thermoplastic cabinet resists rust, corrosion and wearing,

DPDT Relays

White Rodgers DPDT Relay

Ideal for all types of electrical heat, provides Silent Operation and Narrow Differential Control for Heating or Cooling Installations for use with a 2-Wire 24 Volt Thermostat.

Fan motor

White Rodgers Fan Motor

Special Treated Rotor For Corrosion Protection, High 158ºF (70ºC) Or 140ºF (60ºC) Ambient, High efficiency designs and Continuous Duty, Air Over reversible Rotation.

WR Zone Valves

White Rodgers Zone Valves

Two Types of Valves, 2-Wire or 3-Wire, for Zoning Hydronic systems, Quiet operation, valve stem made of stainless steel. Automatic recycling manual operator.

White Rodgers Heating and Ignition Control

Silicon Carbide Integrated Ignition module continuously checks, analyzes and controls the functioning of Gas burner, inducer and fan, also has terminals for powering humidifier and air cleaner. Specifically fused to protect low voltage system transformers. You get all this with an energy efficient integration.

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