Kpaul, Leader of the Pack, unites with the Baldor Electric (Business Unit of ABB),designs, manufactures, and provides service for Industrial and Mechanical power transmission products.

Baldor Motors

Baldor Electric, over a century is driven towards a Sustainable future by pushing the boundaries of Technology towards Excellence.


Achieving new heights of excellence, Baldor AC Motors are Durable, Energy Efficient, Designed to operate smoothly in demanding processes or applications ranging from small servomechanisms to large industrial machinery .

General Purpose

The fleet of general purpose motors provide NEMA Premium Efficiency in applications that need completely enclosed iron designs in single as well as three phase motors.

Severe Duty

Motors engineered to operate in harsh industrial processing applications include features to provide protection against contamination, moisture, vibration and demanding duty cycles.

Washdown Duty

The better and advanced Washdown Duty Motors possess additional features as an improved paint system, customer-friendly drain plugs, and shaft seals.


Motors available with integrated internal shaft grounding systems for Chiller/Cooling Towers, Condenser and fan applications, and many more processes.

Definite Purpose

Definite Purpose family includes three phase, Single phase, Arbor Saw, Woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA, Automotive Duty, Aluminum, 42C frame and Synchronous Permanent Magnet motors.

Custom Ac Motors

Baldor adheres to dependability in design, manufacturing, testing, quick-delivery solutions, and product applications either designing for specific application or accessing data.

Marine Duty

Heavy-Duty machines especially designed to operate in both above the deck and below, to keep essential and non-essential services operating in waterbodies.

Explosion Proof

High Quality Industrial motors-with reliable performance, specifically engineered to control the ignition from igniting a larger, ambient, combustible atmosphere.

Farm Duty

Able to be operated in variety of agricultural applications including Application Specific, General Farm Duty, Grain Dryer and Inverter Duty Motors.


Operatable in NEMA and IEC configurations, The Induction Motors as well as the Large Synchronous Motors are suitable for use in every environment from general purpose to harsh, and the design is available in both inverter duty and sine wave operations that improves HorsePower in a variety of enclosures including TEFC, TEAAC, TEWAC, ODP, WPI, and WPII.

Large Induction Motors

With custom engineered design, the fleet of Large Induction Motors include Variable Speed Motors, Vertical, Drill Rig, High Inertia and others to be used in Highly Challenging Locations.

Large Synchronous Motors

It includes High Speed- Low Speed motors with 4 to 6 Poles and Less than 6 Poles respectively, to operate at variable speed in Industries like Chemical, Oil, & Gas, and Mining.

Condenser Motors

These condensers meet the performance requirements and site conditions also deliver optimum cost efficiency in the reliably operating the power grids.

Servo Motors

A self-contained electrical device, controlled with the help of servomechanism that rotate parts of a machine with high efficiency and great precision to generate torque and velocity in response to the current and voltage supplied. A variety of AC and DC servo motors are used in Industrial Automated Applications such as packaging, labeling, wrapping and cutting.

AC Brushless Servo HDS Motors

Brushless in itself is a Pros (lack of brushes mean long motor life) for your need of positioning, speed, or efficiency, HDS series is trusted for its performance and reliability.

AC Brushless Servo N-Series Motors

The BSM N-series is the fastest worldwide in Common Industrial motion control applications like Cut-to-length, Flying shear,Machining, Labeling, Material handling, also Winding.

Servo Gearboxes

The GBSM-series offers extremely high power transmission capability, torque multiplication, speed reduction and inertial matching are high efficiency gearheads.

AC Brushless Servo C-Series Motors

The C-Series is an economical package best used in applications with higher load inertia’s. It is used in machine tool, factory automation, material handling, printing converting, food packaging, and many other assembly lines.

BSM B-Series Motor

These pumps provide higher inertia in a very economical package suited for light, medium, and intermittent service. It also offers exceptionally low cogging with minimal torque ripple, for high precision applications.

AC Brushless Stainless Steel Servo Motors

With features like All stainless steel construction, Standard & low inertia models, Watertight and Non-corrosive housing these are well fit in Food and beverage Manufacturing industries.


The speed of a brushed DC motor can be controlled by changing the voltage alone. In brushed or brush-less characterization, speed, torque, and operating voltage are significant parameters for performance of DC motors. Most commonly used in Robotics, available in custom size and shape.

Integral HP and RPM III

Being the primary supplier of DC motors and drives, Baldor keeps expanding their product range to offer Low voltage DC wound field motors either a series or compound wound field.

Fractional and Permanent Magnet

Versatile permanent magnet (PM), Baldor-Reliance PMDC motors’, line-up is available in different sizes offering Ruggedness, Dependability and Ease of use at its best.

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